Monday, September 6, 2010

Not just any monday....the best

So today started out the greatest ever. My hubby woke me up by morning delight. It was the most wonderful morning EVER. We then went out and had a light morning breakfast....we shared a drink and a sandwich and 2 sides. It was simple, but fun and cheap. We then went to the parthenon park and walked around taking pictures. it was really nice out and fun.

I'm thankful that my hubby is happy in life with simple things. we just walked and talked and took pics and we got to sit in a 2 seater was just cozy and relaxing. Nathan chose to take us to Chili's for lunch. It was the most we had laughed and talked and were unplugged, well, for the most part. We each had a margarita.....i got the sunrise one, it was the most refreshing drink ever. We then went and saw the movie salt. that was good, but nothing i've gotta own or anything.

I haven't enjoyed a day so much in a long time. it was the most wonderful relaxing day. I was thankful for being able to work and be a little sore so we could have such a relaxing day. I think it made me even more excited and enjoy the life even more because I knew that Nathan was really looking forward to it too. My hubby works his butt off and doesn't  get to decide how to spend the money, and this was an IMPORTANT investment into him and into our relationship. I couldn't have spent that money in any better way.

Thank you God for my husband and for the Thomas the Train job so I could have such an enjoyable day.