Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nervously Excited!!

Ok, so I have never really made anything to order. My mother in law (mom) and her hubby (pop) took some bags and things I have made to sell at their craft shows they go to, and Mom has been buying some for gifts and ended up sending 2 bags to my nieces. My sister in law (Diane) loves them and she wants to get some for her nieces. She wanted one blue/green and one pink/purple. So I'm not sure which ones Diane's girls were sent so I'm a little nervous hoping I make what she wants for her nieces.

So now that I have explained all, here is what I have made, and if you want something different, I'm good with that too...but here goes. lol.

not any color specified, but its red/black. draw string.
its pretty little or about the same size as the rest of the bags i'm listing.

Ok so its not pink/purple, its green/purple....its flat just shaped like a triangle....and has a short handle. its about 15 inches widest point and about 8 inches tall. NO PATTERN

This one is pink/purple. Its about 10 inches long. it has a little draw string handle. (maybe for wrist??)  THIS IS MADE FROM A PATTERN - NOT MY OWN

This is pink and a beige-ish color its about 7 inches tall. again has a draw string handle.

This is multi color blue....its just under 7 inches.  NO PATTERN.

This is light pink/purple-ish. My aunt calls it a mailbox purse....its flat on the back so it can lay flat against a person and rounded so it can hold things and have space. Its about 8 inches tall. Needs a button....I'll have to buy one or you can if you want/like this. NO PATTERN.

if you don't like any of the bags already made, I have this green/blue/white variegated yarn for the elder child if you like it.  

If you don't like any of the other bags, I have this for the younger child. its pink/purply/white variegated yarn, that is if you like it. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

diamond bag part 3 almost finished and purse contents

 side one of the bag....that is a couch cushion the bag is on, this things is HUGE!!!! I didn't follow gauge. I used bigger hook and bigger yarn. I mean its just absurdly HUGE!!!!!

This is the other side of the bag. The dark purply yarn from side 1 is what I put the whole bag together with. The multi color yarn has all the solid colors in it to kinda bring it together. However I think it kind of looks like a jester costume or something.

Once I got it together, I called my sister in law (she's petite in ever sense of the word) and asked her if she wanted a new skirt. The top is REALLY narrow and the bottom is bigger and bigger the further it goes down. She said I should sell it as a beach bag. My aunt said to sell it as an overnight travel bag. My mom said when she comes home we will line it. I'm kind of excited about that. I want to line it and then still probably sell it. I made the handles, but haven't attached them yet. I don't know if I'm going wait and attach it when we're lining the bag. I think I'm going to sell it because I don't want to use it for my purse, because that's what it would probably be....and let me show you what the contents of my purse are so you can see how big my purse needs to be already. lol.

Here are 2 separate angles  of the contents of my purse. I do however keep it all in a (i think its called) kangaroo keeper or something like that. its a little bag you put in your purse to organize it. I finally got one, well, 2 they come 2 to a box. The box was on clearance for like $5 or something not too expensive plus at target I get 5% off on top of whatever I get for a target card. Needless to say it was cheap. BUT totally needed for my bag.

Purse contents wayyyyy too much stuff.

Lets see, there is:

make up bag - tho i don't really wear makeup anymore, I still keep it in case the urge hits me to wear it. plus it has my lip balm in it so i know where it is at least. lol
extendable back scratcher
2 folding fans - i'm in menopause and need to have these in case I get too hot or just the air where ever I go is not moving.
Pens - i have to keep these on hand i have like 5 in my bag
I have picace oil and 2 other perfumes
there is like 4 flashlights - i'm afraid of the dark
ozium - self explanatory
meds for migraines
i took the gum out, I can't chew it....i need to put mints in my bag
2 kinds of lotion
2 kinds of badger balm - i love this stuff. its my new addiction
a whistle with built in compass and there may be matches inside but not sure
a lighter
2 little hand sanatizers
shout wipes
little first aid kit
wallet and another one for all the perks cards and stamp cards for places I go, oh yeah and gift cards.
s hook and purse hanger
a little notebook
a reusable bag for whatever i need it for
a colm, hair brush is too big
granola bars cause i get bitchy if i get hungry
and tooth pics
there's also a little trial bar of neem green tea soap. it smells good so i leave it in there.
I need to add baby wipes in there again
I haven't gone out in a few days, but when I go out, I always put 1 if not 2 bottles of water in my purse for my hubby and i or my momma and i.
I've thought about putting a little tp in my bag for those in case of emergency moments
I used to have a little thing of tissues, but ran out, I need to buy more.

Ok well, I have rambled enough so I'm going to work on my to do list some more. I need to read some of the chapter for the meeting I have with my sister in law tomorrow on messenger.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIAMOND bag part 2 - more instructions

This is what the diamond bag is supposed to look like.
This was taken from a magazine.
I'm in no way the creator of this pattern.

This is what my first try looked like. Completely WRONG!!! 

This is what a finished diamond should look like. 

This is my best try at writing a pattern for how I made the diamond.
 I am a lefty. So my crochet hook will be on the opposite side of my crochet work as a righty will be, but it will look about the same. Good luck, hope this makes sense. My first walk through of the pattern.

I will say watch your sizing of the yarn and hook. Follow the pattern on that.  I didn't, and I'm not 100% done yet, but its HUGE.

Chain 11 like pattern says to do.

I should have said the next 9 stitches....

The last loop will have a total of 5 stitches in it.
MARK your MIDDLE stitch.

Mark your middle stitch. Total stitches in last loop is 5. 

Counting all the way around the whole thing there is 26 stitches.
I don't connect first and last stitches.

Continue working in this manner until it reaches 83 stitches. I'm not going to take a picture of every round, but it looks pretty much the same. The diamond will begin to appear after a few rounds.

This is what my diamond looks like finished.  One of the corners won't have 3, it will only have 2. I don't know why it worked that way for me, maybe I did something wrong, but that's how it happened for me.

Let me know if you can read everything. If not I can help you out....feel free to comment with any questions or if you need any help.

Want to save this? Download below!! :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just another wednesday....

So today for the 4th straight day in a row I had a migraine. Blah. I worked on the diamond bag a bit more today, dang this thing is HUGE. I used bigger yarn and bigger needle, I guess I really only needed like 1/2 the diamonds I made, but I wanted to follow the pattern before I try and rework it.

I had a great chat with my sister in law diane today. she's such an interesting person.

I've been doing lots of surfing on the internet, I found my mom and my favorite sock pattern. it looks like it will be EASY peasy lemon squeezy. its on knitty. its got something to do with a carousel in the name title. i'm excited for that pattern!!!

Gonna go play Star Wars Old Republic with hubby now. I steer where we go, and he presses all the other buttons. I'm such a wuss. I won't play alone. He let me make my own character so I can play, but he has ones he plays online with his brother. Its an AWESOME game!!!