Sunday, October 30, 2011

no name given

boy, i haven't written in forever and a day. Since last writing, I spent time with my husband and his mother and step father. They took us on a weekend trip to land between the lakes in ky. it was so nice. there was a ham fest and antique shops. we really enjoyed hanging out with mom and pop.

this weekend hubby and i have spent on the couches resting being sick. Hubby is NEVER sick, and when he is, he's bad sick. So we have spent the time resting and watching television.

its starting to get cold here and its so nice. i always look forward to fall and winter. i love snuggling under the blankets and drinking hot tea and hot cocoa.

we're getting our house reorganized and cleaning and getting rid of stuff. we have family coming in for the holidays and are trying to make room for everyone. its going to be interesting fitting everyone in the house.

i will write more and more cohesively later when i'm not fevering.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mood: scream and crying throwing a temper tantrum

I feel like screaming at everything and everyone. I haven't felt this way in a while. I am in a very piss poor mood. I can't think of how to spell something and I'm ready to throw the laptop. I want something and I have no money so I wanna scream and cry. I feel like throwing a temper tantrum because I can't have what I want and do what I want. I hate this. I hate feeling like I am, I hate wanting things.

I want to do so many things and I am constantly confined by funds, or lack there of. I talk to my father and his wife and the first thing they say to me is something stupid about having a job. My hubby and I have decided right now due to my health and other issues only he will work for right now. I talk to my sister in law and she asks about my cousin and her having her kid or not tonight. I'm just overwhelmed with the urge to scream and throw things and destroy and I want to hear glass shatter.

why?? why am i like this today?? i need a gift sent to me to cheer me up. anyone wanna help???

Saturday, October 8, 2011

food talk...

So my hubby and I have lately with out really meaning to, or realizing it....we have been decreasing our portion sizes. I'm so proud of us. We used to go through a complete 1Lb box of noodles, 1Lb of meat and 1 container of spaghetti sauce in one sitting, but last night we didn't even use 1/2 of it for the 2 of us, and we were both full. I don't know what's changing our appetites, but I'm praying it will cause us (or at least me) to start losing weight.

Earlier this week, we went to little caesar's pizza and got their meal deal of breadsticks, soda and a pizza and didn't finish it in one setting either.

We both have been more interested in salads and healthier foods. We use coconut oil like its going out of style with our cooking. It tastes so good and its got good fat and is good for you. We have been doing more protein and less carbs (or less pastas) other than the occasional mac and cheese.

We have also been snacking on popcorn, which is actually a healthier snack that what we have in the past had for snacks.


i've been sitting here reading blogs, i am having that itch again to create. I want to go out dumpster diving....however I live in (what hubby and I call) little mexico. People in our area don't throw out good furniture that is a little worn, they throw out garbage....complete garbage that can't be salvaged. Right now I don't have funds for gas to go across town looking for peoples trash, but I want to create. I sit here crocheting instead of doing what I've been desperately desiring to create or to redo - furniture. There is a goodwill about a mile from home, but they only get i think i'm going to ask my momma to go up there to the trift stores in wv and bring me things i can create with.

however, right now i'm in the process of finishing one of my w.i.p.s....i had one idea of what i wanted to do, but hated it, it was too heavy, so I'm now redoing this bag.

this week i have cleaned my bathroom's sink and toilet, mailed some stuff and been finishing wips. I just sent my momma 2 bags for her, one for my momaw, and a wheel chair bag for my popaw. i have made one more and then the one on my lap. I also have my first adult sized blanket in progress too. Its for my momma.

We watched the new x-men first class movie. it had its cheesy factors, but it was kinda interesting. i like the rest of them, but that wasn't the best one....but I still want it to go in our collection. lol.

i'm being distracted by watching mythbusters....i will write more later. sorry i haven't been writing much lately....i'm working on following through with what i'm starting.