Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hell week.....

So this week has been totally hellacious. Saturday my mom was in a car accident in WV and my father had 2 seizures and was found to have a brain tumor in OK. Hubby and I found out on sunday about both. Mom is ok; a deer hit her car. She's got to have some repairs done, but she's ok.

Hubby and I drove to OK to see dad and his wife and the rest of the family followed. Dad made it out of ICU and into a normal room the day before he had brain surgery to remove the tumor. So, dad's back in ICU. He was up talking, walking, eating and semi ok before Nathan and I left OK. His short term memory is still not working, and he's lost some of his peripheral vision in his right eye but over all he's doing well.

I'm so tired from all the emotions that have gone with this past week.....from traveling......from having to think so much. I'm still trying to figure out how we're going to pay to get our car licensed and how we're going to get our driver's licenses here in KS since we moved weekend before last. We spent all the money that we had getting to OK and back and on food while we were there. We're kinda screwed.

I'm praying God puts money into our hands so we can not get a ticket for taking too long to get everything switched to our new address. I don't know what the final decision is about dad having chemo therapy and radiation, but I hope someone in the family lets me know. My sister made it in from korea my brothers made it in from florida and wv. I got to see my aunts and uncle that I haven't seen since 1995. I'm worn out and still have more to do. Hubby has to work in the morning and he has nothing to wear.

I'm so dizzy and ready for sleep. I plan on sleeping for the next few days. I don't wanna leave my apartment. I just need to be held and cry and sleep. we have nothing to eat here and no money to get anything. i don't know what we are going to do for the next week. My grandmother gave me her mother's day gift that she was given to help us home. That $50 got us home and left us with $2. I have 3 bills due that we can't pay for a couple weeks. I'm so over being an adult right now. I'm looking forward to being asleep here in a few minutes. I'm going to go take a sleeping pill and be done.

I missed the family group picture....they did that after we left. Whatever good night have a better week than me. bye

Friday, June 22, 2012

New life, new friends, new hang out....

So yesterday I decided, after talking to my mom, that i was going to get up, take a shower and not be home. So that's what I did. I got up, took a shower and spent all day at the local yarn shop. I LOVED IT! I'm not going to name names because I'll forget someone important. I haven't been a social person in a while and now I am starting to have the urge to be near people more. I'm excited to get to know people more here and be able to spend time with them.

It is so much fun talking and listening to the different people here in McP! Oh Yarn It! Is a GREAT place to meet GREAT peoples. This town wouldn't be as nice with out OYI! I went back today for a bit, just cause I wanted to be near peoples.

I think I'll be heading back out in a few minutes. I don't wanna be 'home' because it doesn't feel like home and all I wanna do is sleep when I'm here.

Don't really have anything more to say right now....I'm going to stop at the garage sale and then go back to OYI!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A New Home...

So we are now sitting in our new home in Kansas. We have internet hooked up, but only the laptop. Neither of the REAL computers are hooked up, nor is the printer. We continually are looking for things, like hubby's clothes.

We couldn't have done this move with out family. My mom helped Nathan and I load in Tennessee and hubby's mommy and step-dad (pop) helped us unload and hook up the washer and dryer that my momma gave us. Its been AMAZING being able to do laundry on the same level you live on. I'm so thankful for both hubby's and my family. They are blessings to hubby and I.

I like the small town feel of where we live here in Kansas. Its homey. Its easier to feel like you belong, and to find where everything is..... I really do like it here.

We have a few kinks with the, um, the dishwasher....I opened it to find it looked molded or something, its AWFUL. So we tried to run cleaner in it to make it better, and it got water in it, VERY VERY little water in it, and then it started smoking. It was a little nerve wracking. So I called about a work order for that and also for the tub in the bathroom....its not draining well.

We live on the second took so much out of us to get EVERYTHING in here. At times there were 3 of us pushing and pulling to get the heavy furniture up the stairs. When we move, I may just say, that crap stays. lol.

Hubby and I have been so tired since the move, but we found out he has several days off in a row and it will be good for us. That way we can get the driver's licences and the licence plate and everything switched (we hope).

Well, I guess I'm done writing for now, going to bed. too sleepy to breathe. I need a shower and just don't have the energy. I forgot my hormone today so I'm a little emotional as well. This is going to be interesting. lol.