Monday, November 21, 2011

thanksgiving....a comedy....or a stresser what ever. you tell me....


So we found out my grandparents are making the trip with my mother, step-dad, and aunt to be here for thanksgiving. This made me have to come up with a place for my grandparents to stay while they are here. Here's how it went....

me: mom i have an air bed they can sleep on
mom: ok, that works.
me: its queen size double height, so they won't be sleeping close to floor.
mom: perfect. thanks!

later that day....

mom: can you find a king size double high self inflating bed that we can get for your grandparents to sleep on?
me: ok. i'll call around and see what i can find.
mom: thanks.

a little later after MANY MANY phone calls to businesses.....

me: mom walmart doesn't carry anything above a queen. gander mountain and out door world don't have any of the king size double height self inflating beds....but i found one in stock online, well i made a call to make sure they would guarantee it on wed.
mom: how much.
me: $242 and change...and usually the bed alone is $400.
mom: your grandma won't pay that and i don't have that, but call her.
me: ok

me: hi momaw,  i found a bed for you and popaw.
momaw: how much?
me: for a king size self inflating double height bed its $242 and change.
momaw: no. wouldn't it be cheaper to find twin size double height self inflating beds?
me: probably.

later that day and MANY MANY phone calls later

mom: i'm sitting here waiting to find out what i'm supposed to do, do i go into gander mountain to look for a bed for your grandparents?
me: no, making more phone calls trying to find  twin size double height self inflating beds because it was too expensive for the king size one.
mom: let me call your grandparents and see what i can do.

later that day and again more phone calls looking for  twin size double height self inflating beds....

store lady: i hate to tell you they don't make self inflating twin double height air beds. self inflating beds are only for queen and king.
me: shit. thanks.

me: mom no such thing as a  twin size double height self inflating bed exists, only queen and king.
mom: shit.
me: i know
mom: let me call mom and i'll let you know.
me: ok

a little while later...

mom: they're just gonna use your bed.
me: ok.

then later (still) hubby and I have to go shopping to get stuff for thanksgiving since mom gave us the money and everyone is coming here for thanksgiving dinner. we get to walmart and find (surprisingly) a 20lb turkey. yay! we get the rest of the 2 pages of stuff.....but they didn't have what we needed for stuffing and no cranberry sauce and not enough for the oranges. so we have too much celery and onions for no stuffing, and cranberries with no cranberry sauce and no oranges. ugh.

all while we're making shopping lists and the phone calls continue to happen I get a phone call for a stove for my aunt's little place she's moving into down here. I had already given up hope on getting this thing since I called at 9 am and left a message. So I take the phone call and try and set it up so i can get it friday or after hubby gets off work tomorrow. But they are only available from 10 - 2 tomorrow and not holding for me since they have 7 more people interested. My thought again now is SHIT. So I call mom and get her to approve the funds for the stove. Then I call the lady back and say I'll come get it at noon tomorrow. All the while I'm ready to shit my pants since I really have to poo, and I'll have to drive and get the stove tomorrow. I'm not sure what to do now.

I have a kitchen FULL of dirty dishes. Literally everything is dirty. We've been pulling mom's stuff out storage so we have everything we need for thanksgiving, and some stuff she needs to take home with her when she goes. I have boxes FULL of trash and then flattened boxes sitting in my house needing to go to the dumpster, and a box full of goodwill stuff that needs to go out.....I have what like 2 days before house is a TOTAL mess.....I have a box full of stuff that needs to be shredded...and my shredder is dead. I don't have a burn barrel or else I'd burn the shit.  I have laundry in trash bags that needs to be folded and put away. I need to sweep and mop. All the while I'm sick...I think I have another ear infection. I'm so completely tired just thinking about what I have left to accomplish before my family gets here.

I also have to finish moving shit out of the house out back that my aunt is moving into. I just thought I'm not sure what to do about her....I have NO sheets for her bed. I have no pillows or towels for anyone to use while they are at my house. My hubby doesn't get paid until friday (yes the dreaded black friday) and we will have to grocery shop again for just normal food/need shopping after thanksgiving. UGH. We will have to save some of that to celebrate my birthday, since its a week and a day after thanksgiving. I'm ready for January to be here.

I have to go through house cleaning again for december for family coming again, next time its my brother his wife and their 3 kids and mom and step-dad again then too. Blah, anyone have any sleeping pills they can share so i can sleep through this all???

I mean I love my family, but I hate all the preparation that goes into holidays and family coming. I'm done writing, and ready to sleep. Good night all!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wonderful mother(s)

Well, I know I am blessed to have my mom. That's as easy as it is.....I also have a wonderful mother-in-law...I also have a step-mother....I also have a step-mother-in-law.....and I think that's it. Well, I also have a Grandmother....she counts too.

She is my friend. She is a wonderful mother. She is a giving person. She is a great care taker to me and to others. She has a heart of gold. She fought to keep us kids when I was younger. I know she's not perfect, she's the first to admit that, but that's part of what I love about her. She gives out of abundance and gives out of need. She's always there to lend an ear to a friend or to me. She's great to give advice if asked, and not giving unwanted advice. She has given me a gift of creativity. The time we spend together (whether we're talking online or being together in person) we're almost always crafting or talking about crafting or ideas of things to craft. I love my mother dearly. I'm glad she's part of my life. I love you dearly mom. My mom has a heart after God! She seeks him constantly. I'm so proud to call you mommy! I'm glad you are who you are.

My mother-in-law, Sharon. I love her and Pop both. I love her children, she raised them all well. I love the fact that she send us snail mail....its always an encouragement. I am so blessed to have married into this family. She is a blessing. Thank you for welcoming me into your family and loving me as one of your kids! She is a wonderful christian woman, and a prayer warrior.

My step-mother, Kathy. Though I don't know her well, I love the fact that she makes my dad happy. I have enjoyed talking to her the few times we've gone out to dinner and on the phone. She has sent me shoes, bags and clothes a few times, and can I just say how exciting it is to get a big box of girl things!!   I'd love to spend more time getting to know her.

My step-mother-in-law, Kathy. I don't know her well either, have only spent a couple days in total with her....but she's a sweet person. Very welcoming. The first time I met her, my husband and I were on our way to arizona after our wedding (that's another story) and she didn't treat me like a guest. She treated me like family. It was kinda like being home with my family. I'd love to know her better as well.

My grandmother....I love you. I don't think we've ever known each other as well as we'd like, but we've always had one thing in common....we're both twins! She has shared stories from her youth with me, and she's had an adventurous life. Though we may not always get along, or agree on everything, I'm glad your my momaw.

wonderful world of sister in laws

I have come to realize I have the most wonderful sisters in laws.....I'm gonna start with Melissa (married to my brother). My brother and his wife have 3 of the most beautiful children. Melissa had just recently become a stay at home mom. She has been calling me more and more lately....well, this morning, I was in bed sick and she called me to say she wishes I was there. She had just made her first pumpkin roll of the year. She makes the yummiest pumpkin rolls. This year she tried to do it COMPLETELY from scratch. She got a pumpkin, cooked it and the whole nine yards. She continues to better herself and her family. She is a wonderful Godly woman and continues to grow and I love to watch her growth. She knows hubby and I have been having hard times lately....and she continues to support my creative side by trying to give me ideas that I can do from home with little to no cost to help our income. She is a WONDERFUL addition to our family. Melissa I'm so proud to call you family.

I'm going to move on to Diane (my hubby's sister). Diane and her husband have 2 children. Beautiful and smart and I love this family to pieces. Diane and her family are (i think i'm calling them the right thing here, D correct me if I'm wrong) reenactors. Diane makes their costumes and so much more. I love seeing the pictures from the reenactments. Diane writes, and let me just say I'm looking forward to reading more of her writing. Diane is a woman of God and it shows all over her and her family. I have told my hubby next time we move, I'd love to live near Diane and her family.

My next wonderful sister in law is Karin (hubby's brother's wife). Karin and her hubby have the 4 legged kind of kids. She is a teacher. I haven't gotten to know Karin greatly yet, but I know when we lived in Az near them, I always enjoyed coming over and just seeing the way she interacts with her husband, and family. She's a wonderful hostess. I would love to get to spend more time with her and learn about her. She's a warm wonderful woman of God.

I have one more sister in law. Christina (married to my other brother).Chrissy and my brother have children. She has been in the family the longest, but is known least of all to me. I hate to be like this, but I REALLY don't know much about her other than we have similar medical histories. I know right now she's going through something I'm scared of trying. I'm not going to give much info here, but we're keeping her in prayer with her family.

I love you all and would love to spend more time with each of you. I know there is much I could learn from you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


i'm so excited, my momma ordered me a yarn winder today!!!! yay!!!!!

thats the one she ordered for me!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

this week I have ordered yarn for my s-i-l's apron and also a yarn I need to finish my DIY yarn swift.......hmmm....I have the lazy suzan, just not the i'm gonna have to get working on that!!!

kitchen island....ideas...

so my mom and i were talking today, and she remembered that we don't have tons of counter space here and we have all the family coming together for thanksgiving and then christmas. So she had mentioned that she remembered I had my eye on this kitchen island.....there were several at Goodwill where she lives. Well, they are all gone :( so that made me think.....what about a DIY project??

so here is my idea....lets see if there is a way to make it happen REALLY REALLY cheap. here are pictures i found to explain my ideas.....

so the top picture, I LOVE pegboard....I'd want that on the back side of the island.....for bigger pots and things that don't have homes....or just cause I like it. lol. 

I love the way this is, however I wouldn't want to use it to cut on or prepare food on so if we did it like this, there would need to be some kind of protection. I was kinda thinking (I don't know what its called) but its clear, and you pour it on the surface and it might be called acrylic?? I dunno....but that was a thought. 

I love this one because there are drawers and because there is a tall door that might be good for cookie trays to stand in. I also like this for the baskets on the end for storage like potatoes and onions...or fruit?! and cause its white. I want white. The drawers would be good for our cooking utensils so we can get rid of the plastic drawers in our kitchen right now. Also good for plastic ziploc bags....and maybe for the spices once I get them how I want them all to be....but thats another post in and of itself. 

this one I love because of the wheels and because of the paper towel holder. 

I know I'd have to clean the thing up and wipe it down with vinegar so it would be ok for clean cooking things.....I would also probably want to line the drawers.......but who knows if this will happen or not. But its an interesting idea for today!! :D

pictures were not taken by me, they came from various sites on the internet......if i had saved the websites, I would give props, but just don't want to take credit for someone else's pictures.

OMG or MAYBE this for the top....

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am so very sad tonight....I have been all excited about candles lately since its been so cold here, until I realized that my favorite candle is almost gone, and it said that it was a limited edition candle. How can I continue to burn the candle if I can't get more??? It smells sooo completely wonderful, and it fills the house with yummyness.....and its one of few scents that doesn't give me a migraine. 
see how little I have left? it was last year's special at walmart. I have to find more. HAVE to. If you have this candle and don't want it or see it anywhere feel free to send a birthday gift to me. This December. lol.


friday, i think, it may have been saturday I finally got to order the yarn to make an apron for my sister-in-law. I now am needing to find a pattern or make one up to match her kitchen...but I'm excited to have it ordered!! :D

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 goings on

So today hubby had off work, we got a lot done, stuff went to good will and moved some stuff out to the little house out back for my aunt. We took a BOAT load of stuff to the dumpsters.......we got shopping done, and had more money than usual for grocery shopping. Usually we only have about $80 for 2 weeks for hubby and me, but this time thanks to hubby working over time we had....we at least double that. So we got almost everything that we've been needing and not having funds to get. I mean I'm not going to lie, we still have about that much more stuff we need, but we got food which is important.

So today started out like this.....I had been kinda sleeping on and off for a while, but had fallen back into a good sleep. Then the Zinghoppers Hello song went off like firework in the dark......just very abrupt to silence. (Zinghoppers they are a kids group but I love their music, its happy check them out here: they have free ring tones!!!!). So anyways, I had a phone call that woke me...the guys came out to work on the roof of the place out back....there was a hole in the's what they found....

see that, aint it just loverly. not really, but they fixed it!!! YAY!!!! so we have to take care of the inside of the place next, but this was what needed fixed first. So the guys got here just before noon. (I should have taken their pics on the roof but didn't, oh well.) They were great guys. I'll take a pic later (tomorrow really) of the finished job and how wonderful it looks.  THanks to hubby for the pic of the hole on the roof. I'm TERRIFIED of heights so he was up working on the roof and I asked for a picture and he gave me this....see his foot!?

So while the guys were working and doing guy stuff on the roof, my hubby was being wonderful, and here is what he was doing.....

he was cleaning the gutters...and making me REALLY nervous. These were taking with my cell phone, not horrible.  So during all this, mom is calling me about help with my step dad's surprise 60th birthday party. I helped plan from Nashville and its happening in Charleston Wv right now.

Mom's calling  and asking for help choosing decor and gag gifts and just fun things to get for the party. He's turning 60 here in a few days.

So it was an interesting day but enjoyable over all. We got to have pizza and I cooked egg sandwiches for breakfast today. Hubby adds the yummyness to the sandwiches....he adds some kind of hot sauce that isn't horribly hot and its really yummy to my I enjoyed it. yay.

Hubby adds the spice and seasoning to my life to make it better! I still can't believe that we've been married.....sorry had to do the math....we've been married for 7.5 years. It doesn't feel that long at all. I waited more years that that for him. I'll have to tell that story another time about how we met and my kinda stalking of him.....not horrible in a creepy way, he kinda knew it was me.

Ok well I'm off to go play donkey kong with hubby on wii!! yay!!!

October blooming flowers

October blooming flowers, this was spotted infront of our house. Weird!!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Father and son sleepy heads

Aren't they cute?? On asleep on each couch....father and son nap time. 

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

saturday night.....not so live....

Hubby and I worked from 10 - 4 moving stuff today from the little house into the big house. (no, not jail, not that big house) and we still have a little left to do. We got rewarded with pizza for lunch from my momma for doing work.

We got to go pick hubby's dad up from the airport tonight. He's in from NM. He's going to be recording a cd here in nashville. He's here tonight, and then his friend is flying in tomorrow and then they are going to stay with another friend here in nashville area.

Its tired, and late here. Tv is on in the back ground. We've got our kitchen full of stuff to take to good will or out to the little house. We're still looking for a fridge, twin bed, and stove....i may have a bed tomorrow, but not sure, and still have to find these with little to no funds and someone who can help deliver. That is my challenge. I'm trying soooo hard to get everything needed.

ok well i'm being rude looking at a computer instead of talking and listening to father in law.

have a good night! :D

Friday, November 4, 2011


I just realized today is friday. I'm excited to spend the weekend with my hubby. However, the yukky is we have to work all weekend. :(
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i found a FAIL!!!!

just thought i'd share!!!! i read the add, and its actually asking for clothes, but I think people should check what they list things as!!!!

blog still in progress

i continue to work on the name and look of this blog.  right now, this is the list of names i'm working on, please don't steal them....but i'd love you to vote on what its named or just continue coming back to see what the name will end up being.

Ideas for blog names….

  • not from around here….
  • The other side of here….
  • Ramblings of a crazy…
  • This side of me…
  • Bigger is better…
  • My pseudo life…
  • Blissfully unaware…
  • Creatively detained…
  • Degree of life….
  • Learning to love life…
  • Work in progress…
  • Learning me…
  • This thing we call life…
  • No more secrets, just me…
  • Not hiding, truly me…
  • Tight rope walking on a shoestring budget…
  • Circling the drain of life…
  • Addicted to addictions…
  • Crafters anonymous…
  • Missing sock….
  • Blurry vision…
  • Surviving daily tasks…
  • Natural deficiency…
  • Oh, Crap!
  • FAR from perfect…
  • Not quite exceptional….
  • Far from exceptional…
  • Stuff and Junk…
  • Gibberish…
  • Wasps nest…
  • The Day of a Couch Potato…
  • Kindergarten love…
  • Design of a foggy mind…
  • Crafter stuck in an unimaginative body…
  • Occasionally me….
  • Not another bag…
  • Thinking out loud
  • Warning! I make no sense
  • ...random nothingness....
 i haven't decided on what i'm going to write about, i kinda just like keeping it as a blog, bitching, crafting, me area.....feel free to leave ideas! :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

work in progress....or not?! ugh.....

So I'm trying to get the house ready for the holidays and my aunt moving in to the little house out back...which means i have to move all my mom's stuff out of the little house out back. My hubby said we'll put mom's stuff in the extra bedroom. Which means we're going to have to get off our butts and go through the crap in the extra bedroom. So we've been moving crap and getting rid of stuff.....I had a bookshelf in the middle of the living room with stuff needing a home.....i ended up getting rid of some stuff and the other i just shoved under the desk in the floor.

so i'm getting myself hyped up to move and re package everything in the little house out back that belongs to my mom. its going to take a while to move and deal with....but its gonna help mom and my aunt. I also have my father in law coming in on monday (we think at last we heard) and then my hubby has been working overtime.

i'm working on my house and trying to find things for my aunt, but here is the issue, I've got no money to get what is needed. I posted an add on craigslist saying my need and I get nasty emails telling me to get a job and buy what is needed. So now i'm getting pissy trying to get the needed stuff. I'm also selling stuff on craigslist trying to help get money for my mother and my hubby and myself, as well as selling stuff for my brother and his wife in florida. Nothing is selling, and people are sending scamming emails. I'm fit to be tied. I need a fridge, a single bed, and a stove for my aunt, and 2 of which we can't fit in our car even if we did get it for free.

This very instant i'm freezing and having a sugar attack or something....I'm shaking so hard and I don't understand why. I actually ate something today, and i've been drinking water and stuff. The heat is on....usually when I'm working like I have been today I'm burning hot, but right now I'm freezing my butt off.

So the other day when hubby and I went grocery shopping we had $80 for two weeks....we also needed all the paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues), razor blades, poop dust (or so I call it) so once we got all that we had enough for bread, peanut butter, butter and not much else. We BARELY have enough food to get through to the next payday. Blah, I'm so tired of paying to poop. Thats what we do, we pay for food  that turns into poop and then we pay for toilet paper to wipe our poopy butts and then we pay for water to wash our poopy butts and flush our poopy down the drain. We pay to poop! Its annoying and expensive!!!

ok i'm gonna find food. i'm shaking too hard....i'm done with my rants for now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

magic money tree

aggravated, when you put an add on craigslist telling a need and saying you don't have any money to pay for said needed item, people email you saying " i have said needed item, but it will cost you $50 and then another $20 for delivery" why do they think they don't need a punch to the face?? i mean i said right there, we have UNDER $5.00 where do they think the other $65 is coming from?? sorry i don't have a magic money tree growing out my butt i can pluck funds from anytime i want to. grrrr


I'm sitting here watching tv. I see a commercial about ovaries, or birth control, or pads, and its hitting me....I don't have those parts in me anymore. I'm like OMG really!?! I don't have ovaries, or cysts, or uterus. I don't have any of them anymore. 

I understood what I was asking for when I asked for the surgery, but now that I'm healed, its really starting to hit home. I don't have these parts. I don't have a prayer of getting pregnant. I'm 28 years old and I'm in menopause. I have hot flashes. I have night sweats. I don't sleep well. Do I regret having this surgery done? No. But its just starting to hit me. Right after the surgery I was nothing but happy since I wasn't bleeding anymore. I went from going through a large (28) bag of heavy over night pads a week to nothing. I went from hemorrhaging to not and knowing that I won't do that again. 

I am learning to relive my life, and feel like I will have to keep learning how to live in a new way. I am having to be in a body that is going through things "normal" women don't deal with until they are in their 40's or 50's. Its a little hard to deal with sometimes.