Wednesday, January 11, 2012

today's thoughts....

So my sister in law (Diane) sent me a book for Christmas, I will admit at first I was like hmph, a book. Great just what I need. Then I read what she wrote inside the book. She wanted to do the study in this book with me. I have to admit, that changed my attitude. People are ALWAYS willing to give you a self help book, but not many of them are willing to do a self help book (if thats what this is, i don't really know how to categorize this book) with you. So she has emailed me and she already started it, so i'm playing a little catch up....but I have to say I'm not even done with the first chapter, and I'm excited. Its getting me to look at myself and really think and also getting me to read the Bible.

I'm still working on that crochet blanket for mom....when I'm going to finish it, i'm not sure i'm going to try to finish it in the next 2 - 3 most. She saw it when she was here for christmas and thanksgiving. She loves it.....

Since thanksgiving, my aunt has come to live in the little house beside us, on the same property. She has lived there once before, but she's back. Last time she wasn't ok with living there, this time, she seems more ok to be there, but at the same time wants her independence....but isn't really independent. She is using our laundry detergent, mom's fabric softener. We have been giving her food and needs, but we're out of money, not about out, we are OUT of money. She came over today thinking she was gonna get coffee, but I didn't make any and I'm trying to save what we have for me and my husband since my husband is who works so we can have stuff. She seems to be a little mad I didn't make her any coffee, but I'm not giving everything to her and she expects to be cared for and gets mad when she's not.  We got her a bed because she didn't have one. I had to get it off craigslist and all i had was $40. Well, she's done nothing but bitch about that bed since she's been here. She acts like she wants me to pay for something better for her and I don't have it and I won't. She's got a job, but she spends most of her money on cleaning products or cigarettes. She acts like she's starving to death, but her millionaire boyfriend isn't helping her. I say he's either not that wealthy or else they make the stupidest couple ever, she won't let him help her because she's independent and he won't help her because she's independent. So I say bullshit on all of it.

I guess I need to do more on the book I'm reading because as you can tell with this rant of a blog today, that I'm not acting very wonderful, and excellent. (the title of the book is "becoming a woman of excellence") so I'm going to go shove my nose into that some more and get over my aunt until she comes in again for laundry.

I do have to admit one more thing before I get off here....I have found something I thought I lost a long time ago. I found my FAVORITE pocket item....I found my leatherman micra. I'm excited. Other than that....I think I've been better over the last couple days. I have swept the entire house and removed all trash and started a good will pile!! YAY!!! My sinus infection I think is in its last I'm FINALLY getting over that! Double YAY!! I actually even packed lunch for my husband for work.

I'm trying to be a better me and learn who I am. I'm not sure where to find that out, but I'm talking more with husband and I'm reading this book and the Bible....I'm praying a little more than I have in a while. I feel like things are starting to turn around. FINALLY!!!