Saturday, April 27, 2013

crochet hooks

1. clover - one of my top favorites.

2. boyle - decent but not good on circulation or for control

 3. chiagoo - wooden handle - one of my top favorites

4. yarnology wooden handle - just bought but handle doesn't come up high enough, not horrible, but much to be desired.

5. yarnology acrylic - horrible, broke getting it out of the package

6. the crochet dude - plastic or rubbery handle- one of my top favorites. until I used it too much and the hook came out of the handle. I tried to reattach with super glue but ended up pouring the glue all over me due to there being a whole in the bottom of the handle so it still slides apart. if there was a way to fix that, this would be one of my top favorites.

7. the plastic egg handle bught at hobby lobby - decent, but a pain to pull apart to switch out hooks, and lots of little pieces to keep track of.

8. Clover Amour Crochet Hook - LOVE doesn't come close to how awesome this hook is. 

 i have more to add later, but dont have them with me for details right now.