Tuesday, May 15, 2012

long time gone...

So I've been gone a long time from the blog. I have been spending time with my mom, and helping her get healthier. I've also been crocheting various things with no patterns, just because. We have started getting our place packed and gone through so we can be ready for this move. I can't wait for it to be over with. I hate the limbo we're living in right now.

I've been either packing or getting rid of the little chachkis, and burning all my candles down. We can buy more there, we don't have to take these with us. I know they don't take too much space, but I'm like lets  get rid of EVERYTHING we can. So that way we have more space for what we need. And maybe even get a smaller truck since little things add up to big spaces.

I've started a new book with my sister in law and that and spending time with her has become something that is also helping me have something to focus on.

Well, other than that, we finally got our pictures taken professionally. First time in our marriage. We also got to get them made with my mom. The pictures turned out wonderfully.

Well guess I better get back to doing things around the house. There's much to be done.