Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A New Home...

So we are now sitting in our new home in Kansas. We have internet hooked up, but only the laptop. Neither of the REAL computers are hooked up, nor is the printer. We continually are looking for things, like hubby's clothes.

We couldn't have done this move with out family. My mom helped Nathan and I load in Tennessee and hubby's mommy and step-dad (pop) helped us unload and hook up the washer and dryer that my momma gave us. Its been AMAZING being able to do laundry on the same level you live on. I'm so thankful for both hubby's and my family. They are blessings to hubby and I.

I like the small town feel of where we live here in Kansas. Its homey. Its easier to feel like you belong, and to find where everything is..... I really do like it here.

We have a few kinks with the, um, the dishwasher....I opened it to find it looked molded or something, its AWFUL. So we tried to run cleaner in it to make it better, and it got water in it, VERY VERY little water in it, and then it started smoking. It was a little nerve wracking. So I called about a work order for that and also for the tub in the bathroom....its not draining well.

We live on the second took so much out of us to get EVERYTHING in here. At times there were 3 of us pushing and pulling to get the heavy furniture up the stairs. When we move, I may just say, that crap stays. lol.

Hubby and I have been so tired since the move, but we found out he has several days off in a row and it will be good for us. That way we can get the driver's licences and the licence plate and everything switched (we hope).

Well, I guess I'm done writing for now, going to bed. too sleepy to breathe. I need a shower and just don't have the energy. I forgot my hormone today so I'm a little emotional as well. This is going to be interesting. lol.