Saturday, October 8, 2011


i've been sitting here reading blogs, i am having that itch again to create. I want to go out dumpster diving....however I live in (what hubby and I call) little mexico. People in our area don't throw out good furniture that is a little worn, they throw out garbage....complete garbage that can't be salvaged. Right now I don't have funds for gas to go across town looking for peoples trash, but I want to create. I sit here crocheting instead of doing what I've been desperately desiring to create or to redo - furniture. There is a goodwill about a mile from home, but they only get i think i'm going to ask my momma to go up there to the trift stores in wv and bring me things i can create with.

however, right now i'm in the process of finishing one of my w.i.p.s....i had one idea of what i wanted to do, but hated it, it was too heavy, so I'm now redoing this bag.

this week i have cleaned my bathroom's sink and toilet, mailed some stuff and been finishing wips. I just sent my momma 2 bags for her, one for my momaw, and a wheel chair bag for my popaw. i have made one more and then the one on my lap. I also have my first adult sized blanket in progress too. Its for my momma.

We watched the new x-men first class movie. it had its cheesy factors, but it was kinda interesting. i like the rest of them, but that wasn't the best one....but I still want it to go in our collection. lol.

i'm being distracted by watching mythbusters....i will write more later. sorry i haven't been writing much lately....i'm working on following through with what i'm starting.