Sunday, October 30, 2011

no name given

boy, i haven't written in forever and a day. Since last writing, I spent time with my husband and his mother and step father. They took us on a weekend trip to land between the lakes in ky. it was so nice. there was a ham fest and antique shops. we really enjoyed hanging out with mom and pop.

this weekend hubby and i have spent on the couches resting being sick. Hubby is NEVER sick, and when he is, he's bad sick. So we have spent the time resting and watching television.

its starting to get cold here and its so nice. i always look forward to fall and winter. i love snuggling under the blankets and drinking hot tea and hot cocoa.

we're getting our house reorganized and cleaning and getting rid of stuff. we have family coming in for the holidays and are trying to make room for everyone. its going to be interesting fitting everyone in the house.

i will write more and more cohesively later when i'm not fevering.