Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So my Mom got me a new magazine with this DIAMOND BAG pattern in it. It was translated from another country or something. Based off a pattern from the 70's I think I read. Its not written well. I honestly don't know how to write it out how to do it right, but I did a sketch at the bottom to show you what to do. It is called a diamond bag for a reason, the little spots are diamonds. Here is the bag what its supposed to look like done.....

This picture was taken out of the Love of Crochet Magazine pattern by Helen Myers

Here is what you get if you follow the crazy pattern. My mom who is an experienced knitter/crocheter helped me figure this out, and we were both like, "um, no?!" So here is what the pattern makes it look like its supposed to be.....

Here is what its really supposed to look like. Its a squiggly diamond. Not that above 5 pointed thingy!

Here is my sorry little sketch on how I got the squiggly diamond. You still start out with the chain 11. I found it easiest to put a marker in the middle (or 2nd  of 3 single crochet) to mark where to put the next single crochet 3 in 1. I hope this makes sense.

I'll post more when I get this finished.