Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIAMOND bag part 2 - more instructions

This is what the diamond bag is supposed to look like.
This was taken from a magazine.
I'm in no way the creator of this pattern.

This is what my first try looked like. Completely WRONG!!! 

This is what a finished diamond should look like. 

This is my best try at writing a pattern for how I made the diamond.
 I am a lefty. So my crochet hook will be on the opposite side of my crochet work as a righty will be, but it will look about the same. Good luck, hope this makes sense. My first walk through of the pattern.

I will say watch your sizing of the yarn and hook. Follow the pattern on that.  I didn't, and I'm not 100% done yet, but its HUGE.

Chain 11 like pattern says to do.

I should have said the next 9 stitches....

The last loop will have a total of 5 stitches in it.
MARK your MIDDLE stitch.

Mark your middle stitch. Total stitches in last loop is 5. 

Counting all the way around the whole thing there is 26 stitches.
I don't connect first and last stitches.

Continue working in this manner until it reaches 83 stitches. I'm not going to take a picture of every round, but it looks pretty much the same. The diamond will begin to appear after a few rounds.

This is what my diamond looks like finished.  One of the corners won't have 3, it will only have 2. I don't know why it worked that way for me, maybe I did something wrong, but that's how it happened for me.

Let me know if you can read everything. If not I can help you out....feel free to comment with any questions or if you need any help.

Want to save this? Download below!! :D