Friday, August 12, 2011


today started out kinda slow....i couldn't wake up. it was so hard to get motivated to do anything. I didn't do anything, I just laid there and did nothing.

By the time hubby came home, i had made coffee and drunk a large cup.....he had one and i had another large cup, almost finished one pot!!! Thats not normal for me.

He was on facebook, and ended up being added to a group from our old elementary school. I had him add me and it was so much fun reminiscing about when we first met and the way school was. The lunches at school. Just everything about the christian school we went to. Unfortunately its closed now....but it was a small school and it was wonderful talking to people who were older than me and remembered more than me. I went to many different schools and barely remember my kindergarten/first grade school.

I have had dreams of this white building for years, it was white with columns in front....there were pine trees lining the road on either side of the drive. There was a big rock in front of the white building in the yard. I just found out that this dream i've been having was the school i went to for kindergarten. I was amazed!!!

I can't believe its been almost a week since I last wrote. I was getting ready for a trip that didn't happen due to a family member going into the hospital. So the trip has been postponed. I have been getting my music on my mp3 player....thats part of getting ready for this trip. My mom and I always groove to music on road trips.

blah anyways thats enough rambling. i'm going to go play on facebook for now.