Thursday, September 22, 2011

can't think of a name for this...

I have decided that I do not think that young(ish) married couples with out kids do not blog. Every single blog I have come across is parents. I have yet to find an interesting blog that isn't covered in ultrasounds, preggo bellies, kids, and kiddy themed pictures.

Yes, I have nieces and nephews, but my life is not completely consumed by them. There for I don't want to read about nothing but kids. Yes, I am an over grown kid and I like some of the pages, but I want to find creative married people's blogs with out kids. People who are real...people who are broke....people who are imaginative.

Well, I am trying to find ways of being creative spending NO money. However, here is my do you peoples get pallets home?? do you just own HUGE vehicles? I have no clue how to get one home. They will not fit into our happy little crv.

I have found so many great ideas for pallet crafts, I want to try some of them. Also....where in nashville is a good place to go dumpster diving? I loved doing that when I was littler.....we found some great things growing up. Ok, we didn't really dumpster was more like "hey, look someone is throwing out a GREAT mirror" or something like that on the side of the road or sitting by a dumpster. Any ideas where do you go to "dumpster dive" in nashville???

I really want to figure out how to get people talking back to me on here, and not just talking to myself acting like there is people who read this!! Anyone is welcome to talk to me and give me ideas.