Saturday, September 17, 2011

minimizing...or wanting to

So hubby and I have been talking for a long time now that we need to get ready to move into smaller house/apartment. I know we won't be able to live in a house my parents own for much longer...and when we have to move, we will not have the break in rent like we've been having.

I have been watching videos and reading blogs and seeing everything that can be done with small spaces. I'm REALLY impressed by what people have and can do with such little places and still feel like they have everything they need. I want to be a minimalist.

i get excited to see what people can do and how spacious it actually seems to live in the little places. I'm going to go through and take pictures of each room and slowly get rid of stuff and show before and after pictures when i actually can start minimizing our stuff and get hubby to help me. He's for it, but he's also not wanting to get rid of stuff we could continue using and doesn't seem to want to get onto getting rid of stuff until we have to.

i however am constantly overwhelmed with stuff and not having places for things and I just want to get rid of everything. i'm in one of my moods maybe where i don't care about stuff its just overwhelming me and all i wanna do is to cry.

it could be because i've stopped taking my could be because i'm sitting here with tubs all around me and then hubby is doing tech support with my mother and their smart phones and every few minutes my mom is having to do stuff for my grandparents and my aunt and my step dad. and so he's either getting texts or calls from mom and he's talking while he's doing everything and the tvs going and i just wanna run away and scream while i'm running away.

ugh. blah. i dunno. i'll write again later.....oh wait another thought is coming in....

and its gone, hubby is asking me questions that i have no clue to and i'm no longer able to have thoughts and talk to someone about something else. oh wait, its coming back....or not, he's not listening to me when i say shut up and don't talk for a minute so i can finish what i'm doing. ugh. tears are upon me.

now i'm being mean because i asked him not to talk. i'm so ready to go and hide in the bedroom. i think he's bitchy as well as me because we didn't get any sleep last night. not for any reason other than laying awake not being able to sleep.

here is my thought finally......

no one is buying the crochet bags i've made......i haven't lined them because i don't know since no one is buying, i'm thinking about asking for people to buy me gift cards for the post office so i can ship them a random bag or item i have made. what's your thoughts on that??? if anyone wants to do that, please let me know and we can work something out.

thanks for reading. sorry hubby for being mean. i love you.