Monday, November 21, 2011

thanksgiving....a comedy....or a stresser what ever. you tell me....


So we found out my grandparents are making the trip with my mother, step-dad, and aunt to be here for thanksgiving. This made me have to come up with a place for my grandparents to stay while they are here. Here's how it went....

me: mom i have an air bed they can sleep on
mom: ok, that works.
me: its queen size double height, so they won't be sleeping close to floor.
mom: perfect. thanks!

later that day....

mom: can you find a king size double high self inflating bed that we can get for your grandparents to sleep on?
me: ok. i'll call around and see what i can find.
mom: thanks.

a little later after MANY MANY phone calls to businesses.....

me: mom walmart doesn't carry anything above a queen. gander mountain and out door world don't have any of the king size double height self inflating beds....but i found one in stock online, well i made a call to make sure they would guarantee it on wed.
mom: how much.
me: $242 and change...and usually the bed alone is $400.
mom: your grandma won't pay that and i don't have that, but call her.
me: ok

me: hi momaw,  i found a bed for you and popaw.
momaw: how much?
me: for a king size self inflating double height bed its $242 and change.
momaw: no. wouldn't it be cheaper to find twin size double height self inflating beds?
me: probably.

later that day and MANY MANY phone calls later

mom: i'm sitting here waiting to find out what i'm supposed to do, do i go into gander mountain to look for a bed for your grandparents?
me: no, making more phone calls trying to find  twin size double height self inflating beds because it was too expensive for the king size one.
mom: let me call your grandparents and see what i can do.

later that day and again more phone calls looking for  twin size double height self inflating beds....

store lady: i hate to tell you they don't make self inflating twin double height air beds. self inflating beds are only for queen and king.
me: shit. thanks.

me: mom no such thing as a  twin size double height self inflating bed exists, only queen and king.
mom: shit.
me: i know
mom: let me call mom and i'll let you know.
me: ok

a little while later...

mom: they're just gonna use your bed.
me: ok.

then later (still) hubby and I have to go shopping to get stuff for thanksgiving since mom gave us the money and everyone is coming here for thanksgiving dinner. we get to walmart and find (surprisingly) a 20lb turkey. yay! we get the rest of the 2 pages of stuff.....but they didn't have what we needed for stuffing and no cranberry sauce and not enough for the oranges. so we have too much celery and onions for no stuffing, and cranberries with no cranberry sauce and no oranges. ugh.

all while we're making shopping lists and the phone calls continue to happen I get a phone call for a stove for my aunt's little place she's moving into down here. I had already given up hope on getting this thing since I called at 9 am and left a message. So I take the phone call and try and set it up so i can get it friday or after hubby gets off work tomorrow. But they are only available from 10 - 2 tomorrow and not holding for me since they have 7 more people interested. My thought again now is SHIT. So I call mom and get her to approve the funds for the stove. Then I call the lady back and say I'll come get it at noon tomorrow. All the while I'm ready to shit my pants since I really have to poo, and I'll have to drive and get the stove tomorrow. I'm not sure what to do now.

I have a kitchen FULL of dirty dishes. Literally everything is dirty. We've been pulling mom's stuff out storage so we have everything we need for thanksgiving, and some stuff she needs to take home with her when she goes. I have boxes FULL of trash and then flattened boxes sitting in my house needing to go to the dumpster, and a box full of goodwill stuff that needs to go out.....I have what like 2 days before house is a TOTAL mess.....I have a box full of stuff that needs to be shredded...and my shredder is dead. I don't have a burn barrel or else I'd burn the shit.  I have laundry in trash bags that needs to be folded and put away. I need to sweep and mop. All the while I'm sick...I think I have another ear infection. I'm so completely tired just thinking about what I have left to accomplish before my family gets here.

I also have to finish moving shit out of the house out back that my aunt is moving into. I just thought I'm not sure what to do about her....I have NO sheets for her bed. I have no pillows or towels for anyone to use while they are at my house. My hubby doesn't get paid until friday (yes the dreaded black friday) and we will have to grocery shop again for just normal food/need shopping after thanksgiving. UGH. We will have to save some of that to celebrate my birthday, since its a week and a day after thanksgiving. I'm ready for January to be here.

I have to go through house cleaning again for december for family coming again, next time its my brother his wife and their 3 kids and mom and step-dad again then too. Blah, anyone have any sleeping pills they can share so i can sleep through this all???

I mean I love my family, but I hate all the preparation that goes into holidays and family coming. I'm done writing, and ready to sleep. Good night all!