Saturday, November 5, 2011

saturday night.....not so live....

Hubby and I worked from 10 - 4 moving stuff today from the little house into the big house. (no, not jail, not that big house) and we still have a little left to do. We got rewarded with pizza for lunch from my momma for doing work.

We got to go pick hubby's dad up from the airport tonight. He's in from NM. He's going to be recording a cd here in nashville. He's here tonight, and then his friend is flying in tomorrow and then they are going to stay with another friend here in nashville area.

Its tired, and late here. Tv is on in the back ground. We've got our kitchen full of stuff to take to good will or out to the little house. We're still looking for a fridge, twin bed, and stove....i may have a bed tomorrow, but not sure, and still have to find these with little to no funds and someone who can help deliver. That is my challenge. I'm trying soooo hard to get everything needed.

ok well i'm being rude looking at a computer instead of talking and listening to father in law.

have a good night! :D