Thursday, November 3, 2011

work in progress....or not?! ugh.....

So I'm trying to get the house ready for the holidays and my aunt moving in to the little house out back...which means i have to move all my mom's stuff out of the little house out back. My hubby said we'll put mom's stuff in the extra bedroom. Which means we're going to have to get off our butts and go through the crap in the extra bedroom. So we've been moving crap and getting rid of stuff.....I had a bookshelf in the middle of the living room with stuff needing a home.....i ended up getting rid of some stuff and the other i just shoved under the desk in the floor.

so i'm getting myself hyped up to move and re package everything in the little house out back that belongs to my mom. its going to take a while to move and deal with....but its gonna help mom and my aunt. I also have my father in law coming in on monday (we think at last we heard) and then my hubby has been working overtime.

i'm working on my house and trying to find things for my aunt, but here is the issue, I've got no money to get what is needed. I posted an add on craigslist saying my need and I get nasty emails telling me to get a job and buy what is needed. So now i'm getting pissy trying to get the needed stuff. I'm also selling stuff on craigslist trying to help get money for my mother and my hubby and myself, as well as selling stuff for my brother and his wife in florida. Nothing is selling, and people are sending scamming emails. I'm fit to be tied. I need a fridge, a single bed, and a stove for my aunt, and 2 of which we can't fit in our car even if we did get it for free.

This very instant i'm freezing and having a sugar attack or something....I'm shaking so hard and I don't understand why. I actually ate something today, and i've been drinking water and stuff. The heat is on....usually when I'm working like I have been today I'm burning hot, but right now I'm freezing my butt off.

So the other day when hubby and I went grocery shopping we had $80 for two weeks....we also needed all the paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues), razor blades, poop dust (or so I call it) so once we got all that we had enough for bread, peanut butter, butter and not much else. We BARELY have enough food to get through to the next payday. Blah, I'm so tired of paying to poop. Thats what we do, we pay for food  that turns into poop and then we pay for toilet paper to wipe our poopy butts and then we pay for water to wash our poopy butts and flush our poopy down the drain. We pay to poop! Its annoying and expensive!!!

ok i'm gonna find food. i'm shaking too hard....i'm done with my rants for now.