Tuesday, November 15, 2011

kitchen island....ideas...

so my mom and i were talking today, and she remembered that we don't have tons of counter space here and we have all the family coming together for thanksgiving and then christmas. So she had mentioned that she remembered I had my eye on this kitchen island.....there were several at Goodwill where she lives. Well, they are all gone :( so that made me think.....what about a DIY project??

so here is my idea....lets see if there is a way to make it happen REALLY REALLY cheap. here are pictures i found to explain my ideas.....

so the top picture, I LOVE pegboard....I'd want that on the back side of the island.....for bigger pots and things that don't have homes....or just cause I like it. lol. 

I love the way this is, however I wouldn't want to use it to cut on or prepare food on so if we did it like this, there would need to be some kind of protection. I was kinda thinking (I don't know what its called) but its clear, and you pour it on the surface and it might be called acrylic?? I dunno....but that was a thought. 

I love this one because there are drawers and because there is a tall door that might be good for cookie trays to stand in. I also like this for the baskets on the end for storage like potatoes and onions...or fruit?! and cause its white. I want white. The drawers would be good for our cooking utensils so we can get rid of the plastic drawers in our kitchen right now. Also good for plastic ziploc bags....and maybe for the spices once I get them how I want them all to be....but thats another post in and of itself. 

this one I love because of the wheels and because of the paper towel holder. 

I know I'd have to clean the thing up and wipe it down with vinegar so it would be ok for clean cooking things.....I would also probably want to line the drawers.......but who knows if this will happen or not. But its an interesting idea for today!! :D

pictures were not taken by me, they came from various sites on the internet......if i had saved the websites, I would give props, but just don't want to take credit for someone else's pictures.

OMG or MAYBE this for the top....