Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wonderful world of sister in laws

I have come to realize I have the most wonderful sisters in laws.....I'm gonna start with Melissa (married to my brother). My brother and his wife have 3 of the most beautiful children. Melissa had just recently become a stay at home mom. She has been calling me more and more lately....well, this morning, I was in bed sick and she called me to say she wishes I was there. She had just made her first pumpkin roll of the year. She makes the yummiest pumpkin rolls. This year she tried to do it COMPLETELY from scratch. She got a pumpkin, cooked it and the whole nine yards. She continues to better herself and her family. She is a wonderful Godly woman and continues to grow and I love to watch her growth. She knows hubby and I have been having hard times lately....and she continues to support my creative side by trying to give me ideas that I can do from home with little to no cost to help our income. She is a WONDERFUL addition to our family. Melissa I'm so proud to call you family.

I'm going to move on to Diane (my hubby's sister). Diane and her husband have 2 children. Beautiful and smart and I love this family to pieces. Diane and her family are (i think i'm calling them the right thing here, D correct me if I'm wrong) reenactors. Diane makes their costumes and so much more. I love seeing the pictures from the reenactments. Diane writes, and let me just say I'm looking forward to reading more of her writing. Diane is a woman of God and it shows all over her and her family. I have told my hubby next time we move, I'd love to live near Diane and her family.

My next wonderful sister in law is Karin (hubby's brother's wife). Karin and her hubby have the 4 legged kind of kids. She is a teacher. I haven't gotten to know Karin greatly yet, but I know when we lived in Az near them, I always enjoyed coming over and just seeing the way she interacts with her husband, and family. She's a wonderful hostess. I would love to get to spend more time with her and learn about her. She's a warm wonderful woman of God.

I have one more sister in law. Christina (married to my other brother).Chrissy and my brother have children. She has been in the family the longest, but is known least of all to me. I hate to be like this, but I REALLY don't know much about her other than we have similar medical histories. I know right now she's going through something I'm scared of trying. I'm not going to give much info here, but we're keeping her in prayer with her family.

I love you all and would love to spend more time with each of you. I know there is much I could learn from you.