Friday, July 15, 2011


well, i'm still trying to get that other bag figured isn't making sense to me...damn my menopausal mind. Or maybe its just because I don't have someone here to talk to and work with right now. So instead of getting myself worked up trying to figure out a pattern i can't comprehend, I decided to work on something i barely have to pay attention to. So its the swirling bag pattern I made again. the other 2 bag's patterns name is surf's up!

 just added a flower or a little something on the front of the bags, and didn't like the shoulder strap on the blue one, but did add one on the green one. the green bag right here, i added 2 round things. I didn't like the pattern how it was written, and didn't like the way the drawstring and the shoulder strap were made so i changed the pattern and also changed the drawstring and shoulder strap pattern...but anyways, here is what i have done.

The blue and multi color bag is paton's grace yarn.

this is the bottom of the swirling bag, and the next picture is the side view, I'm still working on it, so its not completely done, but close enough so you can tell what it looks like. i make this bag all the time, its my brainless project. i usually have a few projects going at a time just like any crafter.

So I've added pictures of the 3 bags i'm finishing or have finished over the last 2 days. I thought i wouldn't have enough yarn for one bag much less making 2 bags out of 2 skeins of yarn. I COMPLETELY love sinfonia yarn! Its my favorite yarn to work with so far. The 2 green bags are synfonia.

other than that i'm not sure what else to write about. I'm kind of excited I have been talking to my sister-in-law each day for 3 days in a row now. I love it! :D

i think i really want to learn how to sew so i can line these bags! but they all are wonderful even with out lining.