Sunday, July 17, 2011


So weekends are what gets me through the week. My hubby is off for 2 days and those are the days we spend doing nothing other than being together. Usually we are playing video games or watching tv or movies just being home and being lazy, but today I have been working on my household notebook. That thing is getting bigger and bigger. I have so much in there and I'm finally getting rid of the multiple notebooks I've been having to keep track of. Its WONDERFUL!!!!!

here is a list of what I've got in there so far:

our wedding vows, not sure why, but its there.
bill of rights
buisness cards for restaurants, drs, people who come work on the house, etc.
a calendar for the community center down the road
html cheat sheet
planner - really its just family birthdays/anniversaries
grocery lists - i still need to make this more personal for our household
family phone numbers, addresses, and email addys
our favorite recipes
menus for local places we like
a household needs list - and i think i'm going to add a wishlist in this tab too
cleaning info, recipes and stuff i find thinking it will help me clean more
medical information
bible reading plans - and i intend to add a journal in this tab for when i'm reading through the bible
passwords, and copy of cards that we have in our wallets in case they are stolen
information for our guinea pigs
birth certificates and marriage license, college transcripts
and then a whole lot of blank  tabs, extra paper, card holder pages, and sheet protectors

i'm continually looking over the web for more ideas of things I need to add to this household notebook. other than that its been video games and lounging round the house as normal!! We have to do things that are free and don't use any gas since we don't have money for more.

This past week my step dad lost his mother is trying to get money to get her cataract lens replacement far she's $300 short. I'm praying there is a way to get this money in 3 days. Anyways, I guess I'm gonna get off here and go play and relax a bit more.