Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Laundry, procrastination, and hot flashes

So I admit, I'm not a driven person. I'm actually pretty lazy. I procrastinate and try and put things off onto other people. Husband, mother, visitors, anyone so that I'm not doing it. I'm always feeling guilty for not cleaning or doing anything, but at the same time I don't feel like doing anything.

I'm trying to better myself. I'm trying to get the house cleaner. Today, I waited on a phone call from my sister in law to work on a craigslist add, but she needed more information from my brother before we could do the adds. So, well, I ended up talking to her for a while. And I talked to my mother on messenger for a bit. I called my hubby and said I'm not going to get anything done today...but SURPRISE!! I got almost all the laundry put away. I have only underwear, socks, towels and sheets left to put away! I'm so proud of me! All of that was done during hot flashes. Ewww. At least I have a fan I can aim at me to help keep me cool. Hot flashes are the worst, but so much better than pms and menstrual cycles.

After I finish the laundry, I plan on weaving on cardboard to make a hammock for our guinea pigs. Hubby's request. He wants them to have hammocks. We can't afford to buy them so I'm making them. Yay! :D

Anywho, back to work. I'll write more later! :D