Monday, July 18, 2011

three cornered handbag

So far trying out this pattern, is a pain in my ass. I hate it. Its written in another language. I have my mom helping me, but she's in another state and another time zone and having surgery tomorrow. Its annoying as hell. I can't tell how many times I have done and redone the same rows. 

Here is rows 1 - 5

Here is round 1 

Here is Round 2 
Here is Round 3 
Here is first try rounds 5 - 7

Here is 2nd try Rounds 5 - 7

Here is 3rd try Rounds 5 - 7
still trying, and undoing, making sure rounds are even every round, and trying to figure out how to do this pattern. i want this bag so bad and still don't know how to do it. I wish there were better pictures of the bag and I wish there was also pictures of this in progress. I will continue to work on this until I get it.....waiting on mom tho. tired of doing it wrong.