Saturday, July 30, 2011

hard times...

My heart is breaking right now. My parent's can't afford to pay their bills because they just had to pay for her eye surgery and prescriptions. I can't afford to pay all our bills either...we keep making our food budget go down more and more.....lately we have been living on ramen noodles. We don't get to go out and date, we don't spend money friviously. We stay in the house all the time. We can't afford to go anywhere because we don't have money for gas. My hubby goes to work and comes home. Once every 2 weeks we go food shopping, other than that we're home.

Its hard to get a job when there's only one car and we work in 2 different directions. So we have agreed that he will work and i'm a house wife, plus i always am sick or fighting off something. Now there's also menopause. We've gone for help shortly after we moved here, and we earn too much to get help. How I don't know but whatever. So here we sit and not knowing what to do.

I know there are people worse off than us, but its still hard being in the situation we are in. I think we're just going to have to start selling everything. I don't know, I'm just having a hard time.